USB Battery Charger – The Energizer USB Duo

Energizer are well known in the battery market and have been creating batteries for as long as I can remember. They have created a new type of rechargeable battery which is named the USB Duo. The duo indicated 2 different options and with having USB in the name it probably isnt that hard to work out what it does. The USB Duo charger is capable of charging batteries via USB or a regular wall socket. To move in to the more technical world they also have created some software which allows you to watch the batteries charge on the screen of your computer. Now I can think of a million more interesting things to do, but I guess they are catering for all types of users 🙂

The charger comes in 3 colours which are red, yellow and blue and it costs $14. It is capable of charging both AA and AAA type batteries. 2 AAA batteries are included with the charger.

This device reminds me a little of the USB Cell although I think this version is far more flexible.

Via: Gizmodo

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