US Samsung Galaxy Nexus Release Date Falls to December

The Samsung Galaxy Nexus release date has moved in to December for those in the US. When announced a few weeks ago, Google [GOOG] had commented that it would launch in November.

The launch will be on the Verizon network and will be sometime in December although an exact release date hasn’t yet been provided. Previously, rumours of a December 8 launch had been given which still might actually happen.

The reason for the Galaxy Nexus being a little late is believed to be related to Verizon spotting some bugs in the OS which it wants fixing before launch. The Galaxy S had a few issues at launch last year, so networks will be eager to begin selling without the bugs that caused problems on the last launch.

The GSM model is already available in the UK and a few other countries, so expect the Verizon US model within the next few weeks.


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