Upgrade your PSP Firmware for faster Processor

PSP 3_50
When the PSP was launched the specs stated that it had a 333MHz clock, but many people also noticed it was actually running at 266MHz. The reason for this according to some was that the battery life couldnt cope with the increased clock speed and would die too quick. The latest firmware which will be due out soon is set to remove this restriction so that games can be coded to work at 333MHz. If you are a regular uses of home brew and particularly the GTA games you will have noticed that you could speed up those to run at 333MHz and although it isnt a huge jump, the increased frame rate was noticeable making it run a lot smoother.

Hopefully with this increase in processor speed we will hopefully see GranTurismo arrive on the PSP. Also we hope to see a better battery soon to see an increase in battery life.

Via: Gizmodo

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