Unlocked UK iPhone 4S From Apple Now Shipping 1 – 2 Weeks

If you are in the UK and want an iPhone 4S direct from Apple to be delivered, there’s now a 1 – 2 week wait on pre-orders. We’re not sure how Apple [AAPL] has allocated stock between carriers and the company but it also doesn’t come as a surprise that demand is high.

A quick check on the US site reveals that there’s still stock available for delivery on October 14 although as the US is now waking we expect the status will change very soon.

If you still want an iPhone 4S on October 14 then the best bet is to either buy it from a carrier (who still appear to have stock available, except for Vodafone) or get in line. Apple is working on a first come first served basis with the iPhone 4S in stores.

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