Three Unlimited Data Plans Roll Out

Three in the UK has announced that they are scrapping data limits on the Three One Plan. The service is described by Three as being a truly unlimited data plan that has no hidden fair usage limits. Instead, you just use what you want from what we understand.

The One Plan has a price tag of £25/month and with that you get 2000 minutes, 5000 texts as well and up till now, 1GB of data of which the limit has been taken away.

Wired spoke with Three today…

I was a bit skeptical of this, expecting the usual nonsense about ” fair usage limits” that cut off your access or charge you megabucks if you exceed a relatively tiny amount of data. So I phoned Three’s press office and asked “So what’s the fair usage policy?”

“There isn’t one,” came the answer. I replied: “So I can leave it running all day, all night, downloading and uploading as much as I want to?” “Yup,” Three’s spokesperson shot back.

For those already on the One Plan, you now have unlimited data as of now. For those signing up, you’ll get unlimited as soon as you get your SIM or microSIM through the post.

Price plans haven’t been updated on the website yet, but should be sometime today. You can see the pricing details over here with coverage maps over here.

What are your thoughts? Will Three cut people off for using too much, or do you think they have truly made an unlimited plan?

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