Universal iPhone 4 Bumper Works with Verizon and AT&T

When Verizon announced the iPhone 4 recently, a couple of subtle changes were spotted. These revolved around the top left side of the phone where the volume buttons and mute switch are. With the slight change to the antenna on the Verizon model, the mute switch was pushed down slightly as were the up and down volume buttons. This raised a few questions about cases and what will happen.

What we see above is a picture of exactly what will happen. The two volume buttons will retain the same location as the AT&T bumper and the mute switch will be cut out a little wider to accommodate the mute switch in the higher AT&T location and lower Verizon location.

With the up/down buttons being connected behind to a single section, the slight offset doesn’t cause any problems which in turn, allows for a universal bumper to be made.

A video explanation can be found below…

Via: Engadget

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