Universal Apple iPod/iPhone Dock Patent Revealed

iPod-Dock-Patent-1A new patent for Apple [AAPL] has been published that gives details of a new universal docking station that is compatible with a number of devices that can be connected to it.

The system uses an elastic sponge-like material that conforms to the shape of the attached device meaning that special adapters are not needed to make the music players and phones compatible. By using this method for a dock it will allow you hassle free connections to any of your Apple devices.

The patent is certainly an interesting read that will definitely provide a more unique dock to what we have seen before. What really gets my attention with this patent though is that it also mentions the ability to connect more than just Apple devices. The patent specifically mentions compatibility with HP iPaq’s and Blackberry smartphones which is interesting.

The patent can be found over here.


Via: PatentlyApple


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