Unique Skype Phone in a Mouse

Mouse Skype Phone
Skype has become very popular over the few years that it has been running. It has opened up a whole new level of communications and a whole new area for businesses to work in. The latest Skype gadget to hit the market is the Mouse Skype Phone. By combining the mouse with Skype you get to use the mouse as a mouse when needed, but can then pick up the mouse, flip it open and receive or make a call.

The mouse is optical running at 1000 DPI and inside the mouse you will find a 128 x 64 pixel LCD screen with backlight so you can see who is calling and who you are calling. The audio is claimed to be crystal clear running at 16bits 48 khz sampling rate. The phone is also compatible with other services such as SparVoIP, NetAppel and poivY. Available for $30.99 the price is not too bad at all.

Product Page Via: Degadget

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