Unifeye Mobile Augmented Reality SDK

The Unifeye Mobile Augmented Reality SDK has been launched that allows iPhone and Android developers to more easily create augmented reality applications on smartphones.

The new system is demonstrated on the video below and shows how augmented reality scenes can be created more easily. It uses a number of systems to function such as the latest image recognition technologies along with 3D rendering allowing for real-time interaction with various things.

The demonstration shows how pointing the camera of your smartphone on to a magazine could pop up a 3D set of drawers to move around. Other ideas show 3D cars being looked at in magazines and also even giving the option to create augmented reality games with your own environment.

Although Augmented Reality is still in it’s early days and there’s a long way to go before we see it common place, it certainly seems a number of developers will be looking at this new SDK to help assist them in creating applications far quicker than before. Check out the video below to see it working…

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