Ultra-Thin Apple MacBook Pro Could Arrive This Year

Some rumours have started today indicating that Apple will be launching a range of Ultra-Thin MacBook Pros in time for Christmas this year. The first report comes from MacRumors that suggest Apple will be launching a 15 inch model which will be very slim, perhaps approaching that of the MacBook Air although it will retain features of the MacBook Pro.

TUAW goes on to suggest that a 17 inch model is also being prepared ready for a Christmas launch this year. We also hear that the ultra-thin MacBook Pros are in the late stages of testing over at Apple.

It isn’t clear what other changes will be made, but Apple does have a trend of removing physical media which could mean the optical drive goes and that the hard drive will be swapped with SSD. These new Pro models could also be an addition to the 11″ and 13″ MacBook Air making 15″ and 17″ models also available for those who want more screen estate.

Expect to hear more rumours about the new range over the coming months. Yesterday also made mention of Retina density displays which could mean we see some higher resolution screens also.

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