Ultra-Thin 15 inch MacBook Could Be Launching

As well as launching an iPad 3 and a next generation Apple TV… according to rumours of course, Apple is also believed to be launching a new range of MacBooks. The new models are believed to fall in to the 15 and 17 inch category of the MacBook Pro but will each be a lot slimmer, just like the smaller MacBook Airs.

It isn’t clear at the moment if Apple will call them larger MacBook Airs or if they will be slimmer MacBook Pros. Either way, they will have larger screens (15 and 17 inches) and will have the slimmer profile of the MacBook Air range.

Apple is likely to drop the optical drive from the MacBook Pro and will opt for an integrated SSD for storage. The reason for Apple dropping the optical drive is that it takes up a lot of space and isn’t used too much by a lot of people. For those that require an optical drive, an external device will need to be selected.

The release date of the thinner MacBooks is not known at the moment (if indeed at all), but expect to see something towards the end of the year. That estimate is based on when Apple revamped the current models of the Air and Pro.


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