Ultra Short Focus on the Sanyo LP-XL50 Projector

Sanyo LP-XL50
When using a projector in a home cinema or classroom situation you often find that the projector gets in the way when there is just a small group of people. Also, the presenter cannot walk past the projector and screen with out blocking what is on screen. Sanyo have created a projector with a very short focus allowing it to be just 8cm away from the screen. At this short distance it is still capable of projecting an 80 inch screen with an ANSI lumens rating of 2000 which is fantastic. The inputs on the projector are fairly standard which is good. There are 2 VGA inputs, component, S-Video and composite connectors. Also the LCD projector has a built in 2 watt speaker which wont exactly blow you away, but is acceptable for creating some sound.

I do not attend too many presentations where a projector is needed, but the ones I have attended this short focus projector would have been ideal. The cost for the Sanyo is expected to be just short of $5000 when released later this year.

Via: OhGizmo Sanyos LP-XL50

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