Type and Walk iPhone Application Launched

Type-and-Walk-iPhone-AppA kind of cool and weird application has launched on the Apple App store that allows you to more safely type while walking. The application is called Type and Walk and makes use of the camera on your iPhone to push video in to the background of an application where you can type on top of the video, thus being able to see obstacles as you are walking.

Type n Walk was designed to work with your favorite apps — not try to replace them. Use it to compose your email, text message, status update, or tweet and paste it into your target app (or the browser) to send.

The application is available now at the iTunes store found here. There do seem to be some problems with it though in that when you have composed your message on the video window you then have to copy and paste it in to the actual application you want to use such as Twitter or text messaging which at that point, the video of what’s in front of you stops showing. Still an interesting idea though and well worth checking out if you love sending text messages while on the move.

Via: Wired

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