TwoNav Sportiva Outdoor GPS Announced

TwoNav have unveiled a new GPS unit called the Sportiva GPS. The device is quite small measuring 58x105x23mm and it weighs 124 grams. It has an IPX6 rating meaning that it’s protected from jets of water allowing it to be used outside in certain conditions.

The device is made by TwoNav and is also built along with Holux who are also another name in the GPS market. Technical specs show that the device has a 3 inch transreflective touchscreen along with 2GB of memory as well as a microSD card slot allowing up to 32GB of extra storage to be added. The GPS receiver uses a SiRF III chip. The battery has a rating of 1050mAh. Details on how many hours of navigation can be achieved are not provided just yet, although it will be several hours.

The Sportiva can be used for a number of outdoor activities that could include bike riding, hiking as well as logging journeys to use them at a later date and perform comparisons with previous bike runs etc…

Custom maps can be downloaded to the device allowing you to match up topographical images, satellite images along to paper maps that are scanned in and urban maps. TwoNav also have a number of free maps available to download from their website if needed.

The satnav device will launch March 1 costing ‚¬379.

Via: Navigadget

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