Two-in-One iPad Connection Kit from China

When the iPad launched a camera connection kit was also launched along side it. The kit contained two connectors. The first connected direct to your camera and the second allowed you to attach an SD card to the iPad so that image files can be read direct from a memory card.

The is new version is a two-in-one version that puts both together in to one unit for the same price. Right now, it’s only available over in China and isn’t officially made by Apple. It costs $29 just like the official kit that comes in two parts.

Currently the official camera connection kit is in short supply which is a problem. It takes weeks to receive one after ordering, sometimes up to 6 or 8 weeks we have heard. For those wanting a two in one equivalent it might be worth getting one of these imported although the fees to get it over to your country might make it an expensive option.

More details available here.

Via: Wired

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