Twitter and YouTube on Windows Phone 7 Demo

Microsoft [MSFT] ran a demo of Twitter and YouTube for Windows Phone 7 to give people an idea of how they work and how well they are integrated in to the new mobile OS.

As well as showing off Twitter and Youtube, TechFlash reports that other apps of sites such as Netflix, Flixter and Travelocity were also on show.

Windows Phone 7 running YouTube works with publicly available API’s and is capable of streaming the H.264 encoded files.

Right now there is no official YouTube app for Windows Phone 7, so the demonstration showed the service running in the browser.

We also learn from TechFlash that Microsoft will be holding a Windows Phone 7 launch over in New York on October 11 although this isn’t officially confirmed just yet and therefore, might be an incorrect date.

The videos below show a demonstration of how the apps work and how Microsoft WP7 runs them…

Via: NeoWin

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