Twitter is Prepared for iOS 5 Launch

We will shortly see the launch of iOS 5 for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. When it launches, one of the new features will be Twitter integration. You might be asking what Twitter is doing to prepare for iOS 5… the answer is not much at all.

The reason:

“iOS is not something we have to brace for,” Abbott said in an on-stage conversation with Om Malik on Tuesday, day two of GigaOM’s Mobilize 2011 conference. That’s because Twitter has already done so much recent work to bolster its load capacity.

“During the last nine months, there’s been more infrastructure changes at Twitter than there had been in the previous five years at the company,” said Abbott, who joined Twitter in May 2010. “So that whether it be the death of bin Laden, or someone announces a pregnancy, we can handle those issues and you’re not seeing a fail whale.”

The service will see huge growth when Apple pushes out iOS 5, but thanks to earlier preparations this year it seems like the company will be prepared for launch.

Just to give some context on the numbers that Twitter deals with. Last year they were seeing about 60 million tweets per day which has nearly been quadrupled at 230 million per day. This is the main reason Twitter is ready. Going from 60 to 230 million within a year had to see some big changes to the servers and structure of the network. It is this which has prepared it for iOS 5.


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