Twitter for iPhone to get Push Notifications

It seems that Push notifications are coming to the official iPhone Twitter application. The image above shows the app being tested at Twitter internally where an option to enable notifications is presented on screen.

For those users (developers) who are running iOS 4.1, the option is already available from what we understand. When iOS 4.1 is released next week, it should allow those who run the Twitter app to enable push notifications once the OS is updated.

We’ve been testing push notifications internally. When we launched Twitter for iPad, there was a configuration error that caused us to offer push messages to a small set of users. We’ve stopped sending push messages, but users may see an option to turn on push until we release an updated version of the app. So, push isn’t ready yet but we look forward to rolling this out soon.

It isn’t clear at the moment what messages will be pushed. With many users having very busy twitter streams, we can assume that push for all tweets will not happen. However, I think it’s safe to assume that push for DM’s and replies is a possibility. Hopefully push for search terms is also available which could alert you to certain news you are looking for.

Via: TechCrunch

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