Twitter for iPad Launches

Twitter for iPad has finally landed. The update arrived last night which brings the official Twitter app to the iPad.

The iPad version of the app brings a number of features which make use of the larger screen on the iPad. The system allows users to easily open streams, look at links within streams and even pinch individual tweets to see more details about the person sending the tweet, as displayed in the image below.

To navigate through the various panes, you can swipe left or right. When a video link is clicked on or a web page is opened, a new pane opens up. This pane can be moved around as needed. Integration with Safari has been included along with the ability to “read later” a web page.

It’s quite an impressive update although when first loading it up there seems to be a little too much clutter on the screen. When you get used to what is there though it appears to work very well.

You can grab it now from iTunes.

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