Twitter Integration with iOS 5 Brings 3x More Signups

Since the launch of iOS 5 last week, Twitter has seen signups increase by 3 times. The reason for this of course, is that Twitter is now integrated with iOS 5 and allows iPhone/iPad users to connect up their Twitter account so that various information can be tweeted from various iOS 5 apps.

Other numbers show that Twitter now has 250 million Tweets per day sent which is up from 90 million about a year ago and also up from the 100 million per day seen at the beginning of this year.

At the moment 50% of the 100 million Twitter users are active each day on the service. This is also an improvement from 30% of active users in January this year.

The next goal for Twitter is to keep growing. The company believes that it can be on 2 billion devices around the world which would make a phenomenal reach. All that information allows users to easily access what they need when they need it. Dick Costolo of Twitter said:

“We think that we can be on 2 billion devices around the world, and reach every person on the planet, and the way to do that is through simplifying.”


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