Twitter Burglar Alarm @you – You are being Robbed

twitter_burglar_alarmFor those of you who use Twitter (which it is probably a lot looking at the growth of their service) might be pleased to know that you can now get Tweeted when your house is being robbed.

This cool little device is named the Ardunio and is used to monitor your home. Should something change like the alarm goes off, or the door gets opened then a status is sent to you via Twitter. Considering that a growing number of users are connected to Twitter the same amount of time as their mobile phone, it shows that this could be very handy for the security concious. If your not signed up to Twitter then check it out now!

Via: GearCrave and SlipperyBrick


  1. Chris - LG Blog says

    While it’s a cute idea, that seems a slightly long-winded way of doing things, especially when there are many services out there that will use your webcam to take a photo of intruders and email or text you immediately

  2. It’s a very long winded way around it 🙂 but for some reason, with Twitter being in the media quite a bit recently, it seems like some will actually go for it.

  3. Chris - LG Blog says

    yes that’s true. something’s better than nothing, i guess 🙂

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