TV-B-Gone Has Just Got Smaller

TV-B-GoneThe TV-B-Gone is one of those crazy gadgets that most of you will have heard of before. The device is capable of switching off almost any TV by the simple push of a button.

The gadget was made famous by Gizmodo last year at CES where they were seen to be switching off hundreds of TV’s through out the Vegas electronics show. The original TV-B-Gone was a little bulky, so concealing it was quite a task. However, this new version shrinks it down a little.

The new TV-B-Gone is about the size of your thumb and has the same sort of power that the last version had. Now, there is no real use for this apart from playing pranks in TV stores or at CES if you have the guts, but I am sure it wont stop the gadget flying off the shelves.

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