TV with no Remote Control – All Seeing Wave Controller

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A TV that can change channels by waving your hand at it

If you are used to using a remote control and get devastated when it isnt with in arms reach of you, then this next invention could be for you. It is a box which allows you to control the TV by waving your hand at it. It can control your DVD player, TV and any other device around the TV. A total of 8 gadgets can be controlled by using seven simple hand gestures.

Although it adds to the laziness of the remote control, at least you can never loose the remote control any more because it is not needed. My only thought on this device is what happens when you eat or move, does it know when you are signalling the device or when you are just waving at someone.

The All Seeing Wave Controller was created by two engineers named Dr Prashan Premaratne and Quang Ngyuyen who are based in Australia. Both believe that the remote control wave controller will be on sale in 3 years time.

Various commands to control your gadgets can be found at the link below.

Via: DailyMail

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