TV on your Mobile

mobile_tvTV on mobile phones is not too new of a service for certain countries like the UK. Three have been providing this service for a few years now. However, AT&T are now launching a mobile TV service which will be available on May 4th.

Our research revealed that news and movies were the two most popular program categories consumers wanted to watch on their mobile phones. We have exceeded their expectations with AT&T Mobile TV,” said Collins. “Together with MediaFLO USA, we are changing the picture of television-viewing by giving our customers an innovative way to stay connected to breaking news from CNN Mobile Live, an arsenal of movie favorites with PIX and a formidable lineup of other quality programming while on the go.

The TV service will be available on a couple of mobile phones which are the LG Vu (costing $300 in a 2 year contact… ouch) or a Samsung Access ($200 with a 2 year contract… ouch again). The services will cost from $13 – $30 per month depending on which channel package you choose from and services will be available in 58 markets in places like New York, LA, Chicago, Seattle (but will not be available just yet in San Francisco).

Those price points seem rather high in my opinion considering you are signing up for a 2 year contract. That’s a long time to be stuck with a company! If you are in to mobile TV then this is for you though.

Via: Wired + AT&T

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