TruePower Power Outlet with USB Ports

USB-Power-OutletTruePower is a regular power outlet for a wall that also embeds a couple of USB ports. By having USB ports on the wall you can easily power your gadgets without the need of using a separate PSU.

It is expected that TruePower will start shipping early next year assuming it gets official approval for launch. The power outlet is capable of charging any USB device such as a mobile phone, iPod, iPhone, PDA, MP3, PSP, MP4 as well as USB chargeable digital cameras.

It’s a great idea and would be very welcomed if approval is granted for launch.

TruePower USB Specifications:

Input voltage: AC 100 to 240V 50/60Hz
USB input current: 80mA
Output voltage: USB: DC 5.0V 600mA
Operation temperature: -15 to 45 Degrees Celsius
Relative humidity: < 95% Air pressure: 86 to 106kPa When nothing is plugged in to the USB ports, no power is used at all cutting down on unnecessary waste. More details over at FastMac.

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