True Wearable PMP Watch

True Wearable

Concept True Wearable PMP

Portable Media Players (PMP) are becoming more popular as time goes on. Companies are trying to squeeze more features, more memory and better screens in to smaller packages. This concept True Wearable PMP is a portable media player that you wear on your wrist. The watch features GPS navigation, web browsing ability, gaming and also video chat. Also as can be expected from a PMP it needs to play audio and video which the creator says it will do a wide range of formats.

Will a PMP watch work

With it being so small I doubt battery life will be that good if something like this was to be released soon. It would probably require a mixture of solar, kinetic and a heck of a good battery to get anything more then a few hours out of it. The screen could also be another issue as it is really limited to the size of the top of your wrist which isnt huge. Keep in mind that it is concept though and the idea of concept devices is to push the boundaries of what is normal.

Via: UberGizmo

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