TRON Lightcycles Available on eBay

We’re not 100% convinced that these will be actually made, but a company – the one behind the recent Batpod replica, is claiming to be selling five street legal TRON Lightcycle replicas.

The Lightcycles are being built with the exact same specs of the movie bike except the lack of a light trail obviously. Each bike comes in black and there will be five made available numbered 001 – 005 with a sixth 000 model as a prototype. Each will have accent colours of either red, blue, yellow, green and orange.

Each bike will be custom built and be supplied with either an electric motor or a high performance gasoline engine. The transmission also can be suited to the buyer.

The back cover opens up at the push of a button and there is a neon glow that exits from the back of the bike to resemble the lightcycles colored light trail from the original game. These bikes will also come with a TRON style helmet (Not DOT Approved)

The main problem with them is that there doesn’t appear to be any models in existence yet and that after paying the asking price of $35K they will then built it for you. Lets hope that the prototype gets finished soon and that a working model can be seen on video.

You can order now over at eBay.

Via: Geekologie

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