Trimble Nomad Rugged PDA

Trimble Nomad

Super Strong PDA for the outdoors

Trimble have introduced the Nomad which is a rugged PDA with an 806 MHz Processor. The Nomad has more protection then your average PDA which allows it to go under water for 30 minutes with out getting damaged. Also it can experience drops (extreme drops), vibrations and temperature changes.

As well as having all that protection, there is a fair bit crammed inside this casing. It runs Windows Mobile 6 which can be run constantly for 15 hours on its battery. 1GB of flash memory can also be included. Connectivity wise the Nomad has Bluetooth 2.0, wifi running on 802.11b/g. Also GPS is included and also a digital camera. The screen is a 3.5 inch VGA which has an LED backlight and a transreflective screen. The specs look great and is definately worth looking in to should you be out looking for a rugged PDA. Prices range from between $1699 – $2499.

Via: JKOnTheRun

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