Transparent OLED Screens Revealed

transparent-oledRecently at a show in Tokyo a Philips were showing off some transparent OLED displays. The screens were capable of letting about 70% – 75% light through when switched off.

The idea is great as it could turn any window in to a display. OLED’s tend to be very thin due to no backlight being needed as each individual pixel can be lit up a different colour with it’s own light source. Unfortunately there are no details on how the transparency is achieved but it is expected that the setup will probably be similar to current non transparent versions that we see around.

Philips are the company behind this particular transparent OLED although they are not the first in to this game. Last year, Sony and Max-Planck-Institute managed to create a transparent display that was capable of moving images. This technology might not be around in production for another 3 – 5 years but I expect that it will happen and we could be seeing images embed on to glass such as sat nav being displayed right in the windscreen.

Via: Wired


  1. Imagine all your windows having the ability to display information that helps make more informed decisions. Then the windows start making decisions for you. Then the windows are running your life. Fahrenheit 451 anyone? Who am I kidding. That would be awesome.

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