Transparent OLED Displays by LG and Samsung

lg_display_15-inch_transparent_oled_1LG and Samsung have been showing off some cool transparent OLED displays. The LG screen measures 15 inches and could work in notebooks. Samsungs screen measures just 2 inches and could potentially be used in mobile phones.

It is unclear why transparent screens are needed unless perhaps used for shining light through to project on to a larger screen, but even if they have no purpose they still look rather good.

Instead of using the back section of the screen that prevents transparency, this has instead been removed. Each has a transparency of 30%. For the LG screen it is unknown what the resolution is, but the smaller Samsung screen can show 176 x 220 pixels.

It is unknown at the moment if transparent screens will make a comeback (they have previously been used quite a while ago in some laptops), but for now you’ll just have to make do with the pictures here.


Via: SlashGear and OledDisplay

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