Touch and Play Rubiks Cube

Rubiks Cube
If you think you are the master of Rubiks cube and can solve it quicker then anyone else, then you need to move up to the next level and get a Touch and Play Rubiks Cube. The idea of this rubiks cube is that you play it blindfolded and use your touch senses to solve the puzzle. Six different textures are found on this (1 on each face) which are Metal, wood, textile, rubber, plastic and stone. I wish it was real, but right now it seems to be just concept for now. But, I struggle with the original and have only solved it a couple of times so my chances of solving a puzzle like this are zero.

Rubiks Cube

Via: Yankodesign


  1. Hi My Name is KAio
    I like your idea of the cube however I do not U.S. or Canada soi io soi de Chile Latin America would like to know if this progduto esqe went on sale or if you could invent gave me the idea … I will arm the cube to perfection but was stolen in the street I would like to purchase the product at a lower price and I like your idea of the textures

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