Toshiba Windows 7 and Android Tablets Launching

Toshiba are in the process of creating a new range of tablet computers that are going to be launched later this year. Details of the tablet computers indicate that they will come with different options of operating systems which will include Android OS from Google [GOOG] along with Windows 7 from Microsoft [MSFT].

Specifically mentioned was a 10 inch tablet that will run Google Android and this model will be the cheaper of two models that have been mentioned.

The Toshiba Windows 7 tablet is said to be a little more powerful and also could include dual displays to make a booklet device which seems to be similar to the Microsoft Courier.

More details of the tablets along with details of an interview where the information was revealed can be found over at Electronista.

It is expected that Toshiba will launch the tablet computers either late this year or early next year.

Via: Geeky Gadgets

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