The Toshiba Satellite L355 – 17″ Laptop – $348

Toshiba-Satellite-L355The Toshiba Satellite L355 is a 17″ laptop that runs an Intel Celeron Processor, doesn’t have a webcam, no HDMI and no memory card reader. Other than that it’s not a bad laptop. The great thing here is that this entry level L355 will cost just $348 when it goes on sale at Walmart this Sunday.

Although it does lack a few premium features such as HD, the webcam and has a relatively slow processor it still is a great deal for those who do the basics such as web browsing, watching movies and checking email. At a price of just $348 for a laptop of this size you can’t really go wrong.

Although some of the specs are not up to par, it’s not all that bad as it has 3GB of RAM and a decent sized hard drive that can store 250GB of data.

I wouldn’t expect this deal to last long as they are probably just getting rid of a load of new stock, so act quick and check out Walmart if you want one.

Via: LaptopMag


  1. Nese Arnold says

    I purchased a Toshiba Satellite laptop for $348.00 from Wal Mart. I did not have it for 15 days and it decided to stop working. I was in the middle of something of the internet and it just decided to turn itself off. I returned it to Wal Mart and they said that it was the battery or the power cord that had a defect. I enjoyed it for the time that I had it and I wonder if I will ever come across a deal like that again?

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