Toshiba Flexible LCD Panel – Bend to Zoom In and Out

Toshiba has created an LCD panel that is flexible. When bending the screen the program running on the screen can be zoomed in and out of. Google Earth has been used in this case as an example of how to zoom in and out of the planet. When bending backwards the planet zooms in and when bending inwards, the planet zooms out.

The screen is an LCD panel that measures 8.4 inches. It has an SVGA resolution of 800 x 600 pixels. The substrate used for the panel makes it just 0.1mm thick allowing it to be flexible. The bend sensor is also placed on the back of the screen.

Custom software was created to track the bend of the screen. The screen it’s self can be bent with a curvature of up to 50mm.

Check out the video below to see it in action and check out the more detailed image below that where you can just make out the Google Earth software being used.

Via: Tech On

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