Toshiba Creates a 6 Inch Display with a 498ppi Density

Toshiba has created a new 6.1 inch display that has an extremely impressive resolution of 2,560 x 1,600 pixels. This many pixels crammed in to a 6.1 inch screen gives it a pixel density of 498ppi which is far more than that of the Retina display of the iPhone.

With the resolution that it has it also is better than full HD although it isn’t clear at the moment what is needed to keep the screen being used to its full potential (meaning the graphics chip on a tablet it will be attached to).

Other technical specs reveal that it has a contrast ratio of 1000:1 and it’s capable of showing 16.7M colours. The viewing angle of the screen is 176 degrees on the horizontal and vertical plane making it an ideal tablet screen.

Rather than using this just as a super high resolution display, Toshiba also has the option of cutting it in half to make a 3D screen and essentially have half the pixels going to the left eye and the other half going to the right eye.

We don’t know yet when the panel will appear in a tablet but it could be a year or more away as factors for manufactures to consider include how they will power the screen for a long enough time for it to be useful along to what GPU and CPU can drive the graphics at such as a high resolution while keeping a high frame rate and keeping the battery happy too.

A quick comparison of the pixel density can be seen in the image below:


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