Toshiba 3DTV – Glasses Free – Launching Q4

Toshiba is rumoured to be creating three new glasses free 3DTV’s that will be ready for launch quarter 4 of this year.

Price wise, they are expected to cost several thousand dollars each. The 3DTV’s work with what is called a parallax technique that is capable of sending out different images to each eye to give a 3D effect.

It isn’t clear at the moment what kind of parallax system will be in use and it also isn’t clear if users will be required to sit in certain places to get a 3D effect, much in a similar way to how 3DS users need to hold the 3DS right in front of them to use it.

We should hear more later this year about the TV’s. When we get the details we’ll pass them on.

Via: Engadget

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