Toshiba 3D TV Coming this Summer

Toshiba are to release the 3D Regza LCD TV this summer which is a TV capable of displaying 3D images. As well as launching a new 3D TV we also hear they are launching a Blu-ray player that supports 3D video.

By the end of 2010, Toshiba have a goal to get 20% of their 46 inch + TV’s to be 3D, meaning they want 1 in 5 large TVs to offer 3D.

“Based on the concept of high-quality 3D images, we will release products that are different from other companies’,” Toshiba said.

The way Toshiba will achieve this is by converting 2D to 3D by using a technology that converts regular images to 3D.

Toshiba will make the Cell Regza LCD TVs equipped with the Cell Broadband Engine microprocessor, which it developed with the Sony Group and IBM Corp, support 3D images. At 2010 International CES, which took place in January 2010, Toshiba announced that it will release those LCD TVs in the European market. And it will commercialize them in the Japanese market in the second half of 2010.

It’s an interesting move considering their plans for 2D/3D conversion. Lets just hope the quality of that conversion will be good enough to use day to day.

More details on the TVs can be found over here, although there isn’t much to learn yet apart from they could be here this Summer.

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