Toshiba 160GB 1.8″ Single Platter Drive Launched

toshiba-MK1634GAL-1-8-inch-hard-driveUp till now, the largest 1.8″ single platter harddrive had a capacity of 80GB. Toshiba is about to change that though as they have created the same physical sized drive but with a 160GB capacity instead.

The new Toshiba drive is numbered the MK1634GAL and spins at 4200 RPM. It isn’t a SATA drive, and instead uses a PATA interface. The drive also has some soft of acoustic management technology which makes it also run quieter which is another bonus.

Currently the price is unknown but considering the 80GB version costs $98 it shouldn’t break the $200 mark. Via: HardwareSphere and PCLaunches

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