Top Apple Engineer Warned of Antenna Problems

Bloomberg is reporting that a top engineer at Apple [AAPL] warned of potential antenna problems early on in the iPhone 4 development phase.

The top engineer called Ruben Caballero is an antenna expert who informed management at Apple about the design’s potential to cause issues.

As well as Ruben raising the voice of warning to Apple management it is also believe at least one carrier partner also raised concerns about the new design before the June 24 release date.

Although we’ll never know for sure if Ruben mentioned this or not, it’s certainly difficult to imagine that Apple didn’t spot the problem whilst testing the device. It is also surprising that their press release about a few weeks back also didn’t accept there was an issue.

Either way, there is a press conference tomorrow by Apple who are believed to be discussing the antenna problems and what the company intend to do about it. The conference follows days after Consumer Reports decided not to give a recommended status for the iPhone 4 due to signal problems.

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