TomTom XL V2 Review

tomtom-xl-v2-gbTomTom have created some great portable Satnav devices over the last few years. The TomTom XL V2 follows along that line by being another great device. It features a 4.3″ wide LCD touchscreen and is available in the UK with pre-installed maps of the UK.

The good thing about widescreen satnavs is that you are able to see more of the road to the side of you… this might not seem like much of a bonus, but when you are driving around complex junctions it’s very handy to be able to see which direction the route goes so you can work out quickly, what lane you need to move in to. Having a wide screen allows you to see more of what’s happening.

The TomTom XL V2 also utilises the fairly new MapShare technology which allows you to make changes to your map and submit them to TomTom for other TomTom users to download. An example would be a new street that has been created but is not listed, or maybe a two way street has changed in to a one way street. With the mixture of the many TomTom users around, the mapshare technology makes for very accurate digital mapping.

With this device being an all-in-one device it means it is not restricted to a wired GPS unit in your car. GPS is built in and therefore, allows you to walk around and carry the device while planning a route of where you need to go.

TomTom XL V2 Features

* TomTom XL Version 2
* XL 4.3″ Widescreen
* 4.3 inch full TFT colour LCD
touchscreen (480 x 272 pixels, 64.000 colors)
* Plug & go
* EasyPort¢ mount
* Loud and clear voice instructions
* Pre-installed maps of your region
* Map Share¢ technology
* Latest map guarantee
* Points of Interest
* Fast route (re-)calculation

Overall this TomTom device is another great one. Being the XL (widescreen) version ads to the quality of it. The TomTom XL V2 with GB maps is available from Empiredirect.

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