TomTom XL 350 and XXL 550 Quietly Launched

TomTom has quietly launched a couple of new satnavs without any press release or particular mention on their website other than adding them to the lineup.

The two new satnavs are the TomTom XL 350 and the TomTom XXL 550. Both satnavs are for the US and are based on models from Europe that use the XL IQ routes. Both devices will use the same simplified menu system that is used on the TomTom EASE devices.

TomTom XL 350

The first device is the TomTom XL 350 that has a 4.3 inch screen. This device will cost from $169.95 when launched and will come with lifetime maps and optional lifetime traffic updates if you pay more upfront.

TomTom XXL 550

The next model up is the XXL 550 that also has a 4.3 inch screen advertised on the TomTom site although this is more than likely a mistake as other XXL models come with 5 inch screens. The same deal will apply on lifetime maps and traffic updates being optional with prices starting at $199.95.

Via: GPSTrackLog

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