TomTom Update for iOS Brings Support for iPad

A few weeks ago we wrote that TomTom was about to make TomTom for the iPhone in to an iPad compatible app. This update has now arrived and brings with it support for both the iPhone and iPad in a single app.

As TomTom has decided not to charge again for the iPad version of the app, this also means that any in-app purchases you have made on the iPhone version can also be carried over to the iPad version.

The new version is TomTom 1.9 which also brings updates to the maps as well as a few interface changes. The iPad version (pictured above) has been designed with larger buttons to make using it a little easier if using in a car. New and updated maps can also be downloaded for TomTom so that the 15% or so of changes to the roads can be included.

A warning that TomTom does give though is that for iPhone 3G users, you are at the end of the update cycle as this will be the last update that will bring anything new for you. Although you’ll be able to download the next update (the last for the iPhone 3G), new features that arrive will not be compatible with your device.

The app is available now as an update to the iPhone which in turn, will be added to your iPad in the new large screen layout.

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