TomTom the SatNav Gurus file Cool Patent

TomTom PatentTomTom Patent Drawing

SatNav with real time video of the street ahead

TomTom have been in the SatNav industry for a while now. I owned one of their first navigation pieces of software a few years back for my Cassiopeia EM500 Pocket PC. I was amazed at the 3D maps and how they could rotate as you changed direction. However, thats all old school now as TomTom have filed a cool new patent which allows for actual video footage to be displayed on the screen of the SatNav and then the line of the route you take is superimposed on top of the live video. This is an excellent way to go as you actually will see what you are supposed to rather then a guess at what exit you should be taking when the regular maps are not quite clear.

Although the patent has been filed I dont expect to see this happen too soon as there will be a lot of features that need to be added so that it actually works as it should and doesnt tell you to drive through a brick wall. I expect that some form of intelligence on the device will need to be able to see if there is actually an exit if the maps are slightly off. However, with the speed that technology is advancing I would hope to see this come out in the next year or two which will be great.

Via: PocketInfo

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