TomTom Sat Nav now with Speech Recognition

TomTom GO
TomTom is a cool sat nav. I have been using TomTom for a few years now and impressed with the quality of maps and how easy it allows you to navigate right to a particular address. In effort to increase the ease of use the latest TomTom GO 720 and 520 are to offer speech recognition. I am a bit worried about how well this will actually work though. From first hearing about this I wonder if it will be like Transcriber on the PocketPC which works… kind of. Another feature of TomTom GO 720 and 520 which looks to be very useful is the TomTom Map Share feature which allows updates to be made to maps by users. If a new road is built then it can be added to the map and then shared with everyone else so that no new maps are needed. POI can also be shared through this system.

Bluetooth is built in allowing you to use it as a hands free kit for your mobile phone allowing you to safely take calls while driving.

Overall I am quite impressed with this new range of Sat Navs and even more impressed that the maps have been opened up for modification and sharing allowing for more accurate maps of your route.

Via: GPSNews

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