TomTom Map Share Lands on iPhone

TomTom has released version 1.6 for the iPhone. The new 1.6 version of TomTom brings map sharing to the iPhone.

What the Map Sharing feature does is allow you to make modifications to your own maps. For example, a new restriction might be put in place that isn’t on the TomTom maps. What you do at this point is add the restriction in and next time you plan a route, that restriction is taken in to consideration.

As well as being able to make your own modifications, the TomTom Map Share feature allows you to share updates. When making a change you can submit the change to TomTom who then verify the change is correct and if so, make it publicly available for other TomTom users to download.

By doing this, it lets you have very accurate maps and once that constantly change as roads change.

As for compatibility, TomTom works on iOS 3 and 4 although iOS 4 is recommended to make full use of the app such as the app running in the background.

Via: Engadget

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