TomTom for iPhone Coming Soon

tomtom-iphone-appTomTom has always been a brilliant sat nav system which gives detailed 3D or 2D turn by turn navigation. It was recently announced that it will be coming to the iPhone as a new application to launch this summer for the iPhone 3G S. As well as the iPhone getting TomTom, a new mount with charging capabilities will also be made available.

The TomTom mount is capable of being attached to your windshielf and uses a twist and lock mount that is foldable ready for carrying around. The twist function allows TomTom to be used in either portrait or landscape mode.

iPhone TomTom will not support voice commands and there has been no announcement if it will do text to speech for reading out street names. A feature that has been confirmed is IQ routes which uses historical data to plan routes to try get you to your location a little quicker. It is unknown as of yet if HD traffic and other features will be included.


As soon as more details are released we’ll let you know as TomTom for iPhone is something well worth waiting for.

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