TomTom for Apple iPhone gets HD Traffic Update

For those using TomTom on the Apple iPhone, the software has just received an update today taking it from version 1.2 to 1.3. New features included in the iPhone TomTom 1.3 package include HD Traffic updates, better integration with the phone and iPod functions of the device.

“Among the many enhancements in the latest version of the app, TomTom’s comprehensive traffic offering gives users dynamic, real-time information that helps them avoid traffic delays and find the fastest routes. It makes the TomTom app for iPhone even more useful in our daily lives.”

The HD Traffic updates every three minutes and gives almost real-time traffic details including incidents and plans your route while on the move allowing you to get to your destination quicker. The HD updates can be switched off if required and the HD Traffic update service works on a subscription basis.

The cost to get HD Traffic in TomTom 1.3 varies on how you want to purchase it. The price in the UK is £0.59/£4.99/£11.49 or £37.99 depending on if you want it for a single day, month, quarter or year respectively.

Other features included in the latest TomTom which come as standard are Local Search by Google allowing more points of interest to be linked online… for example you might want to find the nearest flower shop. By searching Google, TomTom will get you to the nearest flower shop.

The iPhones Pinch and Zoom functions have also been put in the application allowing you to quickly zoom in and out of the map you are looking at.

A new map update is included bringing your maps to the most recent versions.

A day and night mode is included that switches over automatically based on sunrise and sunset times at the time of year.

iPod integration includes a new music fading feature that lowers the volume of the music automatically while spoken instructions are provided by the iPhone.

The range of features look excellent and well worth testing out. You can get your update, or purchase the application here.

Via: TechRadar

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