T-Mobile webConnect Rocket 2.0 Almost Here

T-Mobile is about to release the T-Mobile webConnect Rocket 2.0. The mobile broadband dongle can connect up to HSPA+ networks and can achieve up to 4G speeds for those on the go.

The new webConnect Rocket 2.0 model also can be plugged in to a Mac as well as a Windows based PC allowing more people to make use of the dongle. Up to 16GB of memory can be used on the device.

As well as working at 4G speeds over the HSPA+ network, the mobile broadband dongle can also connect to 3G and EDGE when the faster HSPA+ service isn’t available.

Currently there are no details regarding launch dates although we expect to hear something soon. Price wise, it is believed to weigh in at the same costs/plan deals as the previous model.

Via: TMoNews

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