T-Mobile Voice Plus Beta Launching – Brings Visual Voicemail to the G1

T-Mobile have launched a new Beta service for G1 owners called Voice Plus Beta. The Voice Plus software should be launching next week and will allow those who successfully get accepted in to the program to have a call and voicemail management interface on their Android G1 phone.

Features on Voice Plus beta include Call Divert that allows you to specify which numbers automatically get diverted to voice-mail without ringing the phone. Call Defer is a service that lets the calling person know that you are busy but will be available to talk at a later time providing details of when they should call back. This is done by sending the caller a text with the details in.

Visual Voicemail is the next service where rather than listening to each voice mail one after the other, you get a representation of all voicemails on the screen with the time the message was received and then you simply select which message you play. Basically it sounds just like the iPhone has had since it’s launch a few years back.

Finally the last service is called City ID that aims to provide details about the call you are receiving such as the area or city they are dialling from.

To make use of the service next week you will need to email [email protected] although be warned that spaces are limited in the beta test.

Your e-mail MUST include:
Email subject line: Voice Plus Beta
IMEI Number
NOTE:Your IMEI can be found in your phone’s Status menu (Menu > Settings > About phone > Status), from the dialer: *#06#, or on the sticker under your battery.
Your T-Mobile telephone number, with area code

Via: Tmonews


  1. I got the email from TMOBILE with instructions on how to flash the new ROM with the Voice Plus Beta. The process was easy, but now Google Maps and other Apps are not working properly. CityID, not responding. Voicemail, not connecting to server. At TMOBILE Forum they say maybe they are going to make a new ROM with Voice Plus Beta and a ROM just in case you want to go back to the original ROM.

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