T-Mobile to Roll Out Android 1.6 Donut

android_donutThe latest Android OS is about to roll out. The new version is Android 1.6 also known as Donut. T-Mobile are planning to roll it out today in various stages with stage 1 ready for select G1 handsets starting today. After 24 hours has passed, sometime tomorrow, the next phase will start with the MyTouch3G.

Assuming all goes to plan and there are no bricked phones by the end of the first and second stages then the update will be rolled out to remaining users who have compatible handsets.

If you have rooted your phone then I am sure Cynaogen or some other ROM maker will roll out a stable 1.6 version in the next few days or weeks.

Let us know if you get the update today or soon and how it went for you.

Via: Tmonews and Phonearea


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